TELeHEALTH system design Print

Task type: industrial research

Professional management: Answare Kft.

Participating consortium members:

  • Answare Kft.
  • Bay Zoltán AKK
  • HumanSoft Kft.
  • Semmelweis University
  • ThorMed Kft.

The purpose of system design is to develop an IT infrastructure/system that implements the selected protocols according to the selected business model, based on the results of the previous phase.

Developmental directions of the infrastructure/system, related requirements: 

  • HEFOP 4.4 IKIR conformability;
  • a flexible central system that facilitates the mapping of selected medical protocols configured from predefined and similar primitives, and thus is able to:

               - control and follow the implementation of them;

               - support and automate implementation related data exchange and measurement by utilizing

                 Telecommunication Technologies;

               - present results for authorized persons;

               - alert provided that certain conditions are met. 

  • by matching existing devices and establishing new ones, construction of a standardized sensor system that covers the selected protocols and facilitates the complex measures required by other protocols;
  • user interface matching patient group (target group);

  • enhancement of mobility on the part of the sensor (increasing the freedom of movement of the patient in the course of the measurement and data collection);

  • without altering the central base system, and supported by the functions of it the system to be expandable easily with new measurement processes, study and treatment protocols (in Drug Utilization Studies, prevention, screening, etc.)