Research results 2009 Print

Research results 2009  

  • A Feasibility Study concerning endpoint devices prepared by Bay-Logi Kft. and Thormed Kft.
  • A Summary Study prepared “about the formalisms and related solutions describing medical protocols and guidelines assisted by IT devices".
  • A Review Study prepared about the formalisms and representational languages applied in the field of Telemedicine.
  • A Medical sample-protocol supplemented with the questions of Telemedicine prepared.
  • The protocol representation framework was prepared
  • A Review Study prepared about the “the architecture of TELEMED systems and the technologies applied in the course of their implementation”.
  • Thormed Kft developed the breadboard of the Telemedicine endpoint device for the project.
  • “Understanding Medical Protocols” – an essay prepared with the involvement of a university student at a project laboratory course.
  • Telemedicine HUB study was developed by Bay-Logi Kft;
  • “Business and Operational Model of TELEMED Systems” – a study was developed
  • Result product of the 1st year of the project: “Concept of the eHealth8 Protocol Repository”
  • Result product of the 1st year of the project: „eHEALTH8 Protocol repository  System design”