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The project (TECH_08-D3-2008-0053)  is funded by the Research and Technology Innovation Fund and supported by the National Development Agency.
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Summary of project results: The goal of the project was to define in detail telemedicine procedures (protocols) to promote the wider adoption of telemedicine, as well as to create innovative technical solutions for the execution of such protocols and organise them into a system. The major results of the project:

  • 11 telemedicine protocols to complement traditional healthcare guidelines in the field of vascular neurology, gynaecology, pulmonology and emergency care;
  • prototypes of patient-side sensors to be used in patient care and/or rehabilitation in asthma, COPD, dementia and stroke using telemedicine or conventional methods, as well as related patents;
  • a BPMN-based formal descriptive framework for the telemedicine protocols used in healthcare, along with the definition of re-usable core activities for description, which supports the machine processing and execution of protocols;
  • a protocol-based process-oriented telemedicine system (prototype) implemented on a SOA basis, which can connect to the patient-side sensors, implement the core activities defined and is capable of executing protocols described using BPMN formalism;
  • 3 completed protocols ready for test run, with prototypes of the associated central and terminal devices:
              - Asthma diagnosis with the help of telemedicine;
              - Asthma care with the help of telemedicine;
              - Support for stroke rehabilitation with the help of telemedicine.

In the course of the project the members developed technologies and accumulated expertise which can be utilised in the market as well as in other fields of science not closely related to telemedicine.