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The project (TECH_08-D3-2008-0053)  is funded by the Research and Technology Innovation Fund and supported by the National Development Agency.
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Spirotube Mobile Edition 

  • robust, has no moving part;  
  • real-time Bluetooth and USB data transmission; 
  • related evaluation software for PC; 
  • related display and forwarding JAVA module for mobile phone; 
  • integrated battery,simple controls; 
  • automatic calibration.


The references of the Spirotube Mobile Edition can be found on the following link: http://thormed.com/ehealth8/Referencia.pdf


  •  robust, has no moving part; 
  • real-time Bluetooth, USB and asynchronous serial data transmission; 
  • user-friendly touch screen user interface; 
  • test support in the form of audio guidance; 
  • evaluation of the entire FVC curve; 
  • integrated battery, automatic calibration.