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The project (TECH_08-D3-2008-0053)  is funded by the Research and Technology Innovation Fund and supported by the National Development Agency.
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Penetration of Innovative Technologies in Healthcare

The interaction and cooperation of different fields of research and disciplines form the basis of an integrative approach, which in turn facilitates the seamless incorporation of new products and solutions produced by the development of sciences and technologies into those social and economic structures that will be the users and beneficiaries of them.

A joint R&D project of healthcare and information technology, launched in September 2008, eHealth8pursues this integrative approach. The aim of the project is to create a distance healthcare technological platform that allows the creation of real social and economic values in the field of medicine due to its comprehensive approach. To achieve this objective, the project departs from the past practice of mostly insular developments of interrelated fields, and implements a comprehensive development within the fields of healthcare processes, their management, and applicable information-, and measurement technologies while prioritizing aspects of economic profitability.

The core framework of objectives are grouped around the aims defined in the National Technology Programme’s Competitive Industry sub-programme and ICT Devices Supported Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) dedicated thematic area.

The consortium was formed under the leadership of Answare Kft. by renowned IT and medical experts in cooperation with Bay Zoltán Foundation for Applied Research, HumanSoft Kft., Semmelweis University, and Thormed Kft.

As a result of the consortium’s activities, methodologies and technologies can be developed that facilitate the rationalization, differentiability and efficiency improvement of healthcare services. The set The Inter-institutional IT System developed within the framework of HEFOP 4.4 programme can operate as an independent unit as well, thus it can immediately provide Telemedicine services (telehomecare – telemonitoring - telerehabilitation) for 39 medical institutions.