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The project (TECH_08-D3-2008-0053)  is funded by the Research and Technology Innovation Fund and supported by the National Development Agency.
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  A company with a full fledged corporate
culture is made up of people with shared experiences,
history, objectives and shared values.
(Brian Tracy)

Let’s Cooperate

Science and technology, society and business are separate and well differentiable, yet interrelated structures with their existence and development grounded in cooperation and interaction. One of the high priority issues of today is the efficient and rapid integration of state of the art IT and info-communication solutions into other sectors.

We hold that a responsible and leading IT company, such as Answare Ltd., has to take part in this process affecting the development of other sectors and the whole society as well. It is important for us to share our expertise and experience with others in a way that they become useful and value driving. By applying the results of R&D arm in arm with the actors of the scientific sphere, we are striving to create ever new opportunities for the integration of technological novelties of the IT sector into our everyday environment.

Answare Ltd. defines itself as the innovative expert of complex IT solutions and services, through which the IT infrastructure really serves and supports the company’s internal and external processes as well as the work of separate fields of activities. Our activity is built upon a special Business - IT, designing - implementing expertise that forms a stable and reliable bridge between the business demands of the company and the IT infrastructure serving it. Quality policies, services and innovative corporate culture are the three pillars of 15 years of successful cooperation with our partners and clients on the Hungarian IT market